Rocky Laflaree

God of Dreams


I'm the God of Dreams I can see in the future. My power is unpredictable not many people believe that I can see the future. To start my life began in Egypt I was only 2 when I found out I could predict things. I had weird dreams about my father leaving my mother for another woman I just thought I was have a bad dream but it became true. I was only 7 when he left us, my mother begged my father to stay but he said no and left us to fend for ourselves. My mother was heart broken, but I had another dream that she would meet this handsome man and get married but the only problem was going to choose him over me. I was 17 when this happened barely a man I was very upset, but I found more to my power because I could see everyone's dreams. I could change them around, and make it some true. I used this to seek revenge against my parents. Now they are both living alone homeless and struggling.