Virtual Career Fair

English 12

Research Your Career Choice

Create a digital representation of your research in order to sell someone on this career. You may use, but are not limited to:

Smore, ActivInspire, Movie Maker, WeVideo, PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.

You must include at minimum:

  • job description
  • type of schooling necessary
  • where you can receive your education
  • resources for finding a job
  • entry pay
  • pay scale
  • benefits
  • testimonials from at least two people who already work in this field
  • pictures and text
  • Record your voice explaining this information

Additional Information

You must have at least three sources on a separate Works Cited page. This is not part of your project. It MUST be signed by the librarian!

Due Dates: Blocks 3,&5 April 22nd; Blocks 2&4 April 23rd