By: Sunnah Pasha


The story takes place in a universe where humans unlocked the power to manipulate earth's elements and magic. The main setting of the story takes place all over San Francisco this is where the main characters live and this is where they stay. Some important events happen here on the Golden Gate Bridge.
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The main protagonist are Sophie and josh. These two allow the story to unfold. They are the heroes of the story. Without them all of San Francisco would head into chaos The main antagonist is a man named Dr.Dee he is the necromancer which means he can bring life back to the dead. He wants to cause destruction to San Francisco and the world. Another protagonist is named Nicholas Flamel he is the one who helps Josh and Sohpie throughout the journey, and he is the enemy of Dr.Dee


When an evil man named Dr. Dee, a former necromancer, tries to steal an imprortant book from a special book store, doom starts to erupt all over the city of San Francisco A man named Nicholas Flamel is an Alchemyst, a magician, and an immortal man. Flamel’s wife is captured, and the teenagers are forced to flee under his protection. Dee also captures an ancient book which is the source of Flamel’s longevity. What is even worse is that it is filled with secrets that can unleash the destruction of human life on earth. All appears lost until it is discovered that Josh was able to save the last two pages of the ancient book. These two pages are very important

What lies ahead is a crazy race against time and terrifyingly enemies. The twins are forced into adventures where surprises lurk around every turn, and there seems to be no hope of simply surviving, let alone saving the world. Josh and Sophie have to try and stop this man before the world and all humans as they no it are destroyed forever.


First, Dee comes to Nicholas looking for The Book of Abraham. Once Dee came, Nicholas and Dee had a fight with magic. Unfortunately, Josh witnessed this entire scene. When a normal human, like Josh, is exposed to magic, their lives change so that they can never be the same as before. When this happened, Josh’s twin sister, Sophie and Nicholas’ wife, Perenelle, saw the effects. Towards the end, Nicholas, Sophie, and Josh were able to escape. On the down side, Perenelle was captured and taken hostage by Dee. Dee was also able to escape with the book, but he did not have the two most important pages, the Summonings. Josh ripped these two pages out when De and Nicholas were fighting. When Nicholas escaped with the twins, he noticed that the twins were part of the prophecy about the destruction of the world or the savior from the Dark Elders. At first, Dee came to get The Book of Abraham so that he could summon the Dark Elders from the ground. However, later he learns about the twins and their powerful role in the world, so he had no choice but to kill them. This is what the book of Abraham looks like. It holds great power within the hands of it's user. That is why it must be in the right hands at all times
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Dee soon finds out about how the prophecy in the book of Abraham speaks of Sophie and Josh. Dee tries to draw Josh away from Sophie by covincing Josh to join his side to take over the world. While using necromancy to raise thousands of corpses to assault the Elders, Flamel, and Sophie. Josh was distracted by their own conversation and almost agrees, but at the last moment he realizes he will lose Sophie forever if he did. Dr. Dee tries his best to show that good will come if he joins his side in the battle. He lists that they will both share the same throne as each other. He mentions the he will be better than what he is now if he joins him. He acts just like Darth Vader when Dee says that if he joins him, he will get a reward just like in the bottom picture.
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Dee tries to kill Josh for the declining his invintation into the dark side. Josh on the other hand hits Dee with a hammer distracting Dee long enough so he can escape with Sophie and Nicholas Flamel by using a teleportation device known as a leygate to get to Paris which is Nicholas Flamel's old home. Nicholas believes that they will be safe here. The book ends when Dee arrives at the same place. Here is an Ending quote from Sopie: "This isn't the end obviously but more like a continuation of events" She means this battle is not over and they all will keep fighting in order to stop Dr.Dee and his plans. Their fates have deamed it. One of the bottom picture say that the journey continues. It shows that they will have to keep going until either Josh and Sophie stop Dr. Dee, or if Dr. Dee extingiushes josh Sophie and Nicholas Flamel all together.