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Best Technology Checkout Protocol

Staff, please follow the protocol outlined here when you need to check out a laptop, iPad, or the projector cart for instructional purposes. Please keep in mind that when you check out equipment from a teacher’s classroom, that is one less device in students’ hands that day.

  1. Email Ms. Merwald at least two days prior to you needing the technology equipment explaining what equipment you are requesting, when you need it, what you will be using it for, and if you require any assistance with setup.
  2. Ms. Merwald will notify you via email where to check out your equipment on the day you are requesting.
  3. On the day of, go to the classroom where you will be checking out the equipment, ask for the keys from the classroom teacher, and sign out for the items you are taking in the binder attached to the cart. If the teacher is not in the classroom at the time, find Ms. Merwald to get extra keys.
  4. Return the items you checked out to the cart by the end of the day. Unless you have approval from Ms. Merwald, you may not keep the laptop or iPad in your room for more than the one day that you checked it out. If you need the item(s) for more than one day, you will need to check it out and return it each day.
  5. If you need to check out an iPad or laptop to take to a district meeting, email Ms. Merwald at least a week beforehand. You will need to fill out a form that needs to be signed by you, Ms. Merwald, and Ms. Canales before you can remove the item from campus.

Saving Energy Over Break

Please make sure you do the following before you leave the building Friday:
  • SHUT DOWN all computers and laptops.
  • TURN OFF all monitors.
  • Make sure laptops are plugged into their chargers, and leave the carts plugged in.
  • POWER OFF all iPads. Make sure the iPads are plugged into their chargers, and leave the carts plugged in.
  • Store i-Question iPad tubs in your locked closets.

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