Lawrence Superintendent's Corner

Dr. Ann Pedersen

A Summer filled with Learning

The summer is filled with activity in Lawrence. Our staff is busy ensuring that the district continues the upward trajectory of student performance that will allow for the success of each and every learner. The summer learning programs in Lawrence ensure the success of our newcomer English language learners, extended year special education students and high school graduation bound learners. Additionally, the summer work of our maintenance and custodial staff includes facility upgrades to our productive learning environments. Be certain that Lawrence is moving full steam ahead to make the 2017-2018 school year the best one yet.

Proudly Lawrence,

Dr. Ann Pedersen

Superintendent of Schools

The grant funded "JUMP START" program has provided newcomer English Language Learners (ELLs) with an opportunity to expand their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. The program's theme of Summer in New York allowed learners to read, research and create. Each learner, under the direction of an English as a New Language or bilingual teacher, created oral presentations of their creative NY themed brochures and projects. The younger group also utilized the musical parakeet whistle (similar to a recorder) to learn how to read music while improving general skills needed for reading; tracking, fluency, and memory.
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The Parakeet whistle musicians developing skills.

Extended School Year Program (ESY)

The summer learning program for our ESY students provides our most fragile learners with the supports they need to maintain their skills. Through individualized and group instruction these fine students ages 5- 21 meet the success to fulfill their personal potential. We are so very proud of them!

ESY Program is held at Lawrence High school

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Through real world problem solving and cooperation, learners master life skills.

Graduation Bound High School Program

The Lawrence High School summer program is bustling with 175 students. These high schoolers are recovering credits and preparing for August Regents. The program will administer 600 Regents exams in August, providing each and every learner an opportunity to improve June scores. The program places high expectations and values the hard work of serious graduation minded learners under the direction of a dedicated staff.

Building upon skills learned during the school year, our High School learners are preparing to master the August New York State Regents exams.

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Improvements to our Learning Environments

The Lawrence District is committed to the success of each learner. As such, we are currently undergoing major capital improvements to our facilities. These include major restoration to the bell tower at the 195 Campus, the final phase of the HS auditorium, the first phase of the middle school auditorium, new roofing at the early childhood center at #4 school, new lighting and ceilings at Lawrence High School, new student and faculty bathrooms at the HS, upgrades to the track, tennis courts and irrigation system at Broadway campus, PA/Bell system upgrades at HS, additional camera upgrades at HS and various LED lighting upgrades districtwide. I am sure you join me in feeling proud of the improvements to enhance the safety and educational productivity of our schools.

Stay tuned for more news on our capital projects

We are Proudly Lawrence, a family of Learners

where each and every learner knows success is within their reach.