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August 2nd, 2016, Volume 12

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Big News at TPM!

As part of TPM's strong commitment to continuous improvement and maintaining superior quality standards TPM has pursued ISO Certification. As of July 21, 2016 TPM has been awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification. ISO Certification for TPM means that there should be an increase in client confidence by delivering consistent quality products on time every time. We are very excited here and look forward to serving our clients with the same level of consistent service and on time delivery. If you have any questions please contact Antonio Garcia.
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Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping Capabilities

Rapid Prototype (RP) Castings have become one of the fastest growing processes for TPM. There are many reasons why RP patterns are used over conventional wax patterns from an aluminum die and I will address them below.

I have a small one time order for castings, do I really have to buy tooling? The answer is No. We can take your 3D CAD file and produce an RP pattern. We would then process the pattern just like a wax pattern would be processed during the investment casting process.

I have been told that the tooling cost is very high due to complex features. What are my options? TPM often runs long production runs of parts with very complex geometries. Traditional tooling for very complex parts (see photos 1&2 above) can be in excess of $80K! That is a lot of money and can greatly effect the customers cash flow. We can greatly reduce the initial impact on cash flow and often lower your long term cost for complex parts.

I may change the design and don't want to invest in a tool yet. This is a perfect application for a casting made from a RP pattern. TPM can produce a casting and you can confirm the fit, form and function and make the necessary changes before investing in a tool.

I need a casting quickly what are my options? A rapid prototype casting produced to your 3D CAD file can typically be delivered from PO to your door within a few weeks dependent upon required post cast operations and part geometry. This is a significant time savings compared to 10 weeks made from a traditional tool for samples.

Rapid Prototyping is just one additional option that TPM can offer our clients. Contact Antonio Garcia if you have any further questions regarding specific casting requirements and options.

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