October 8, 2020

OPTION 1 Cohort update

Option 1 - Students will be assigned two days to be in school.

COHORT 1: Students attend Monday and Tuesday and WILL TRANSITION to CORE AND ENCORE CLASSES.

COHORT 2: Students will attend Thursday and Friday and WILL TRANSITION to CORE AND ENCORE CLASSES.

This is a change. We will follow CDC and District safety guidelines as we transition. Student will be monitored and required to follow these guidelines to guarantee the safety of ALL students. MASKS are required at all times. Students will NOT be in collabrative groups or small groups. They will maintain 6 feet of social distrancing in classrooms, hallways and while waiting for classroom wipedowns.

The safety of our students is our priority.


I am including the link to our survey one more time. It is imperative that all parents fill the survey out.

If you have changed your selection, please fill the form out again. We will sort and plan by the date you submit the survey.