Jesus Vasquez and Carmen Flores


Climate in savanna is wet dry climate dry in the winter rains in the summer month


68 to 86 is the average tempeture

Dry season only 4 inches of rain falls december- February no rain summer rain alot

Season in the savanna in winter and summer.

Different types of savanna around the world most familiar with the east Africa savannas covered with acacia trees


Acacia Senegal,baobab,Bermuda grass,candelabra trees, elephant grass, gum tree eucalyptus,jackl berry,trees, jarrah tree


African elephant,African wild dog, black mamba,caracal,chacma,baboon, emo,grants zebra,koala,lion.


Plants adapt with long tap roots that can reach the deep water table,thick bark to resist annual fires , trunks that store water,and leaves that drop during the winter


Animal adap correlated with diet,and social system.

Humans cause threat litter and animals do their businesses

Effect of threats

Animals die in the grass because predater