Anne Frank

by: bethany turner

early life

When Anne was little she lived in Frankfurt, Germany, in an tiny apartment with her whole family. On February 2, 1936, she and her family moved to a house that was just a litte bigger than the apartment. Anne shared a room with her sister, Margot. They got along verry well. The house is in the same town than the apartment was.

Overcoming obstacles

When Anne was around her teenage years she and her family were taken to a concentration camp. she Wrote in a diary while she was in the camp. she wrote down all the things that were happening while she was there. Anne was separated from her family the second she got to the camp, so she didn't have really anyone to talk to. she was a very lonely, shy girl. She mostly just sat in a corner and jotted down everything her mind desired.

failed escape

On march 26, 1945 Anne tried to escape the concentration camp, but unfortunately she didn't make it out. Anne got caught on her way climbing up onto a big stack of box's. a guard saw her, took her to a room and abused her. Anne was sent to an room with Jews until she was put into a shower room and was killed along with 6 million Jews. Anne's family was notified about Anne's death. After Anne died her family was released from the camp. Anne left a very positive impact on society. she was a very brave.