The Daily News

by Alyna C. Piña, MMS School News Reporter

Boy Banned For Patriotism

Phillip Malloy, a student at Harrison High, was suspended from school for two days this previous Friday, because he was singing the Star Spangled Banner. His parents say that he was raised to take pride in his country, and it only came natural for young Phillip to sing along during a tape, which plays during the morning announcements. Phillip says that his homeroom teacher, Ms. Narwin, kicked him out of class twice for this. He was then sent to the Assistant Principle’s office, where he was then suspended. To dig further into the matter, I made some phone calls to those involved.

I first called Dr. Albert Seymour, the Harrison High Superintendent. I asked him if there was a rule against students singing during the announcement. "Of course not" he said. But other people I called said differently.

Next was Dr. Gertrude Doane, The Principle of Harrison High, Who had no prior information about Phillip’s suspension. She also says that the Assistant Principle, Dr. Joseph Palleni, is only allowed to handle minor school problems. Meaning Phillip’s suspension was not only unnecessary, but not allowed.

I then called Dr. Joseph Palleni, but he did not wish to talk about the matter at all and left me with no comment.

Finally, I called Phillip’s homeroom teacher and English teacher, Margaret Narwin. She says that Phillip “was creating a serious disturbance” and “we have a rule”. Afterward she did not have much to say.

So how should this matter go down (?), clearly there is not enough communication in this town. What will become of Phillip and his, (in my opinion, unecassary) suspension? That is just another story that needs to be written in next weeks paper.


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