Pretty Boy Floyd

By Jacob Carughi

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The Life of Floyd

Pretty Boy Floyd was an American Bank Robber who operated in the Midwest and West South Central States. Some of these states included Missouri, Colorado, Ohio, Oklahoma, etc. It all began when he was 18 when he was arrested for robbing the local post office of $3.50 in coins. Then, just three days later, he was sentenced to 5 years in jail for payroll robbery in Missouri.
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Sylvania Ohio Bank Robbery

On May 20, 1930, Floyd was arrested once again for suspicion of Robbery. He was convicted of the Sylvania Ohio Bank Robbery and sentenced on November 24, 1930, to 12-15 years in Ohio State penitentiary. Soon after, he escaped the prison and continued on his rampage.

Kansas City Massacre

This gunfight occurred on June 17, 1933 and resulted in the death of four law enforcement officers. As the story goes, a bank robber named Frank "Jelly" Nash was being escorted by the police officials into a car. They were all gunned down by suspects Vernon Miller, Pretty Boy Floyd, and Adam Richetti.
Tales of the FBI - Kansas City Massacre

The Death of Charles "Pretty Boy" Floyd

While driving in heavy fog, Floyd and Richetti were leaving New York and slid into a telephone pole. They sent their two companions to get help to fix the car while they waited roadside. A stranger noticed two men in suits standing by a road and got suspicious, so he alerted police. When law enforcement came, Richetti and Floyd fled into the forest. After fleeing for a long while, police finally had Floyd trapped in a corn field in East Liverpool, Ohio. He was gunned down and killed after fleeing for an entire day. This occurred on October 22, 1934 (age 30).


Floyd was not known for murder, however he is suspected to have killed 12 law enforcement officers during the time of his robberies. Throughout his lifetime he was charged with more than a dozen robberies, ranging from $3.50 to thousands of dollars.