By Tate Robbins


*the location is between Mars and Jupiter in the asteroid belt.

*their is a earth orbit called Apollo asteroids

*. Their is some in the Jupiter orbit called trojin asteroids

* gravitational pull can make the asteroids move from the main stream.

*the picture represents the asteroids stream.

Physical property's

Made from minerals.

They are -100 degrees f.

They are irregular but some sphere.

The biggest asteroid is 950 km.

Movement of asteroids

The asteroids orbit around the sun.

If the asteroids slow down,they will fall towards the sun.

What are asteroids?

The definition is asteroids are celestail body's that orbit around the sun.

Asteroids are what made dinosaurs extinct.

Asteroids mean star-like and it is from the Greek.

Fun facts

Earth is impacted by asteroids as big as a football field every 2000 years.

Some asteroids have moons.

Some people call asteroids minor planets.

Asteroid belt pieces are made from rock and stone.

The asteroid belt has billions of asteroids.