3-8 Weekly Road Map - 4/11/16

Today we LEARN. Tomorrow we LEAD!


Monday- MMM, Re-Registration, Send Weekly Scholar, Sessions, etc.
Tuesday- Thursday- CC sessions, etc.
Thursday- Update DDI tracker by COB.
Friday: DDI Meetings with Alisha.

** Testing Confirmations for May***
** Q4 DCs should begin***
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YouTube videos: Please remember to not show YouTube videos without purifying them first. You can use either www.viewpure.com or www.safeshare.tv to purify.

BBC Recording Disclaimer: Don't forget to use the disclaimer slide in all sessions. See emails from Leslie.

Gradebooks: Keep grades updated as much as you can!

K12 Newsletter: Don't forget to log into K12 Training to check on any assigned trainings and also to read the newsletter. You will need to mark the newsletter complete just like you do with trainings.

Updates from Sarah Robinson!

Updates from Sarah Robinson:

1) Would you like to HOST an outing? Remember you are required to host or attend 2 outings for the year. Please consider it. Send sarobinson@k12.com an email with the bulleted specifics. No links to websites please. Keep your testing calendar nearby because we cannot approve any STAAR testing dates (first two weeks in May are off limits due to STAAR). Please give 30 days’ notice. If you choose an outdoor outing please include a plan B (specific details) in your email. Are you wondering if there are any families where you live? Log into the OLS and look under QUICK LINKS. Click on FAMILY DIRECTORY. Plug in your zip code and search 60 miles to see how many families might potentially attend an outing if you hosted it in your town. You’d be surprised, even if you live in a remote area. Our families are all over Texas!


-date and time


-maximum capacity if possible

2) Mentor Meet ups are a great place for new learning coaches to get their wings! Here are the dates for the rest of the year. A kmail will come to families on the day of each MMU with the link., 4/28/16, and 5/10/16.

3) We have an outing at Moody Gardens 4/22/16 that we are in need of staff support. Please consider attending if you live within 60 miles one way of this event. You can sign up here. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EYUbW7hqEB1ribUfqW_fTWM_9gH3rl7v08JlJi5ln0Q/edit?pli=1#gid=783999006

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TOPS STAFF DIRECTORY: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mOk4TKKXnzpLTbborWndNW6UBTEmz5YkOXNKKEdfBnY/edit?usp=sharing
Please take a look and make sure your information is correct on the directory.
READ ACADEMIC SERVICES NEWSLETTER: Located in your K12 Training Account
Q4 ILP Action Notes in TVS: Refer to email from Alisha.
Re-Registration- Make sure you have kmailed your HR students.
Testing Nirvana- Contact ALL students to get confirmation on attendance. See the email from Leslie.
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-This year K12 National Professional Development sessions are encouraged, but not required.

-The Teach Like a Champion “Systems and Routines” series is required. Please space out the sessions and have them all complete by May 1st, 2016.

There are 6 sessions (1 live and 5 asynchronous). These can be completed in any order.

Don't forget to log in and read the Academic Services Newsletter!
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Submitting a Ticket to the Help Desk

All issues must be submitted to the National Help Desk at www.k12nationalhelpdesk.com You cannot submit a ticket by email. This will ensure the most reliable response and eliminate information that is not being included in the emails.
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The TOPS High School graduation is on June 9th in Dallas. Since our staff is so small, we would like to enlist some help from our 3-8 team. If you live in the DFW area and can help our HS team out with graduation day, please contact HS Counselor, Maren Garza.
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1ST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH: Department Mtgs./ Planning/DDI Check-Ins
2ND FRIDAY OF THE MONTH: Staff Meeting and Professional Development
Committee Mtgs. / DDI Check-Ins
Team Meeting
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For Your Information

K12 Clubs: We need to be sure all teachers and advisors are sharing the information about our student clubs for our students who are interested in building social relationships with other students through shared interests.


Staff Directory: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11W5O4tiRW0oGdZL7pGgJs44OkOAKEOAKdrEat5XDCTU/edit#gid=0
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Tips and Tricks Resources from TXVA

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