Log into websites using Google

Everyone in the school has a Google account -- let's use it!

Sync almost everything with Google!!!!

You want your students to use a particular website or Google app. When they go to the site, it prompts them to "Create an Account".


Instead of that, click LOG IN and look for one of the Google icons pictured below.

Logging into websites using your Google account is a truly remarkable tool to help students and teachers. By logging in using Google, whatever website is being used automatically syncs with the users' Google Docs/Drive. This allows students to have 24/7 access to their projects without having to remember a unique username and password for everything.

*Not all websites have a Google login, but many do.

These are examples of what to look for:

Try it out on Easybib.com

Here is a link to several websites that you can use in your classroom with students and their Chromebooks

Using Chromebooks in the Classroom (right click to open in a new tab)