Night Of The Twister

By Ivy Ruckman


Dan Hatch

Arthur Darlington

Dan's mom

Dan's dad




Aunt Goldie

Belle Smiley

Grandpa Hatch

Grandma Hatch


They take place in Grand Island Nebraska. Nebraska has a state bird and a state Capitol the state bird is the western meadowlark. The state capitol is Lincoln.
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The beginning is about the Hatch family is ok and Arthur was over at Dan's house but it started to be really windy the glass broke in then it gat bad they saw a tornado forming and Ryan was taking a nap and then the lights went out. Dan went up stairs and try to get Ryan out of the crib but his leg was tangle in a sting so Dan gat Ryan out. Arthur, Dan, Ryan started to run to the basement and went to the down stairs bathroom to hide from the tornado. Stacey found then and help them get out then they went outside they saw all the houses were destroy. Everyone started to go to Kmart to have food and drinks Dan, Arthur, Stacey went to go to get Ms. smiley but they had to go to somewhere to survive. Dan's dad found Dan's mom and Ryan then they went to stay at grandma and grandpa.
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Problem and Solution

The problem was that the tornado hit the town and destroy all the house. The solution was that they rebuilt there houses. The problem is that the town was destroy. Solution is that they rebuilt there town.