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Need To Know

  • Registration Forms for Next Year: Teachers-In January, HAL students should be coming to consult with you regarding their upcoming registration. On the form that we have provided them, students will be filling in their class choices. Please review their choices and include your own input on the classes that they have selected. Encourage rigor and growth mindset as the bulk of HAL services occur in the advanced level classes. It is of utter importance that these students are placed appropriately. We have attached links to the registration forms for each grade level in this newsletter.
  • Peer Tutoring Alive and Well: Thank you to all teachers who have taken advantage of the peer tutoring program. Nearly on a daily basis, we have several students coming into get assistance from our peer tutors in a variety of classes. Have a student in mind that you think could benefit from Peer Tutoring? Simply send an email to their GPS teacher excusing them to room 351 for that day. Then, send an email to Mrs. Brewer or Mrs. Menard identifying the student, the subject they are being tutored for what, specifically, you would like them to work on. Please send any materials including homework, worksheets, practice materials, etc. The more you send, the more we can help!

Coming Soon

  • Sharing Successful Individual Strategies: Once again, we will be asking teachers to submit strategies that they have used with their HAL students. In January, we will email teachers a form to make submitting these strategies a quick and easy process. This information will then be included in the document documenting HAL services (similar to the IEP) in Power School. This is an important resource for teachers to gain information about servicing current and future HAL students. Teachers will have until May to submit strategies for each of their HAL students. This is only the second year that we have been collecting this information, so your contributions are in great need. Thank you very much for your time and for your reflective responses.
  • Directions For Accessing a List of Your HAL Students in View Point:

-log in: first name.last name

-generic password (if you haven't changed it): password

-click on "student demographic explorer" (on the left side menu)

-scroll over to "gifted"

-click the icon next to gifted and select "yes" to filter

-click save

-This will produce an alphabetized list of your HAL students

  • Directions For Accessing Individualized "HAL Services Information" in Power School:

Feature Strategies

Here is a snap shot of quick and easy ways any teacher can differentiate for gifted learners.
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Need help with a differentiation strategy? Have concerns about a specific student identified to receive HAL Services? Do you have a general question about BW HAL Services that we could answer or direct you to someone who can? CLICK ABOVE