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Heinrich Himmler

Heinrich Himmler is born in Munich, Germany, on October 7, 1900, and his death on May 23, 1945, while in British custody. After he graduating high school he joined th army in 1917, where he served as an officer cadet in Eleventh Bavarian Regiment. After World War I Himmler studied at the Munich School of Technology from 1918 to 1922.

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Heinrich Himmler was worked briefly as a fertilizer salesman and a chicken farmer. In the early 1920s he became involved with the flrdling Nazi party. SS chief Heinrich Himmler leads an camp at Austria, April 27, 1941. In May 20,1945 the Russian soldiers capture Himmler and turn him over to the British.


Heinrich Himmler, during war world 2 he was the commander in chief. He was the great hero for the German.

Aurora Rodriguez

English 8-2


February 13,2015