Cell phones effets Socially

By: Jah'Sonte W

Have cell phones changed us socially?

Have cell phones changed us socially is a challenging question because cell do help a lot of people during their daily lives but having a cell phone can affect out ability to socialize. We as as society need to be able to communicate and socialize with other people like in the work place, or even just trying to make friends.

Positive ways cell phones affect us

Cell phones however help us in every way we need it too . When cellphones first came out they were just for calling then texting , now you can do all of the above plus more like the internet, games , social networking, banking emailing, etc.(HASSAN). All of which the things that make up our daily lives.

Negative ways cell phones affect us

Even though have a cell phone is a great tool have with all the features the phone comes with it just makes it even more difficult for people to interact in person. Increases social happiness although its through a device.("Visionary Business Journal Redefining Business!") All you really have to do is send a text talk to them on a social network or just simply call them. With us always on our phone we start to lack social skills. cell phones also has a reputation of ruining peoples health, will people really care ? probably not because you need a cell phone.
The Evolution of Mobile Phones

Do we become less social ?

With now having everything on your cell phone you become less social other than going to work or school where you have no choice but to socialize, but in outside of that do people go hang out with friends or are people mostly at home sitting on their phone tablet computer, etc. In we need social abilities in the world, better social skills can lead to more opportunities than a person who is shy or doesn't really know how to communicate well because they aren't used to talking in public.

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