Hudson's Happenings

September 16, 2016

Notes From the Teacher

I hope you are enjoying the Friday Journals. Please be sure to write a quick note back to your child and return the journals to school on Mondays.

Progress Reports are coming home today. Please sign and return the top page only. The other pages are yours to keep. I have included their SRI score and explanation/reading tips as well as the Reading Counts tests they have taken so far this year. To pass a Reading Counts test, you must score a 70% or higher.

We will have our first Science test next Friday. I will send home a study guide on Wednesday. Please be sure to study it! I am also sending home a note today about a sound experiment we are doing in class next week. Please look for this note in your child's folder today!

This Week's Focus


*I can retell a story by using beginning, middle, and end.


*I can write a narrative with a beginning, middle, and end.

*I can improve my writing through the writing process by rereading, revising, and editing drafts.


*I can produce complete sentences.

*I can read and write words with the long and short "o" sound.


*I can compare two numbers using the symbols >,<, and =.

*I can can tell if a number is odd or even.

*I can count within 1,000 by 1's, 10's, and 100's.


*I can explain that sound is made when matter vibrates.

*I can explain how sound is heard by the human ear.

*I can explain that sound travels differently through different materials.

Upcoming Events

*September 21st- North School Night at Subway from 5-8

*September 27th- Picture Day

*October 7th- NO SCHOOL

*October12th- Early Release -School will dismiss at 1:00

*October 13th- Behavior Expectations Presentation 5:30-6:30

*October 18th - End of 1st Quarter

*October 20th & 24th- Parent/Teacher Conferences

October 26th- Brag Tag Assembly (K-2 @9:00 and 3-5 @10:00)

*October 27th- Fall Party (2nd grade will go bowling this year)

October 28th- NO SCHOOL