Person County

Roxboro, NC

" Everything is better in Person!"

Person County is located in the Piedmont region of North Carolina. Person County was founded in 1791. The County got its name after a man named General Thomas Person, a revolutionary war patriot that gave significant contributions to the County. The bordering Counties are: Granville ,Durham, and Orange County. The county seat is Roxboro.

Things to do?

Family Fun!

Come see many natural landmarks we have to offer such as: Mayo Park and Lake, or Bethel Hill Park. Our tourist attractions include: Mayo Park, Person County Recreation Center, or some of our local walking trails.

Local Government

There are six members on the Board of Commissioners,and five members of the City Council.The council members are: William Davis, Henery Daniel, Sandy Stigall, Byrd Blackwell, and Mark Phillips. County Manager is Heidi York, and the Mayor is Merilyn Newll.