Mr. Graham's Current Affairs Class

Critically thinking about what is happening in the world.

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What do we do in Current Affairs?

Hello students and parents, welcome to Current Affairs! This class is focused around current issues and events in the world today. Our material is always changing as we discuss core issues in the world as well as global events and the politics around them. This page provides links to videos that represent the material we are going to cover in this class as well as color and powerful images, like political cartoons.

What do we cover in Current Affairs?

American Foreign Policy

We will take class time to talk about America's involvement in the global scene. This video is an example of President Obama's involvement in the current nuclear program dealings.

The Global Market

In this class we spend a lot of time talking about the economies of specific countries. We will be using data from the Heritage Foundation and CIA World Fact Book to review many of the world's countries in order to get an idea about their economies.

Tell me about you!

Student Interest Survey

Here is a survey I would love for you to take so we can explore issues we all deeply care about. You can complete this and either email or turn a physical copy to me.