Cape Fear River Basin

Pollution and Life

Basic Information about the Cape Fear

Cape Fear is located at the top and bottom of North Carolina's boundaries, and flows down the middle of North Carolina. It's all located inside of North Carolina's boundaries. It contains 6,049 miles of water. There are currently 1,883,701 people living in Cape Fear. Locations in the cape fear include Jordan Lake, Haw River, Oak Island, Black Swamp, and the docked USS North Carolina battleship.

Pollution in the Cape Fear

Pollution can include non-point sources such as runoff from NC farms, gasses released from machinery and cars. The gasses can become mixed with the water. Some of the point source pollution can be from sewage pipes, that release disgusting sewage into the water. Another problem is the farm waste, which pollutes water in basically the same way sewage can pollute the water. To solve the problem of farms dumping things into the water, you could have farms dump to landfills or have it taken to landfills. A way to fix the sewage points, is to have them dumped to landfills or facilities that specialize in waste disposal.
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