T-TESS Student Growth Measures

SLO Training Sessions

ESC Region 11 will train teams from each campus that will be implementing the SLO process. Teams should include central office and campus administrators as well as teacher leaders. These teams will then go back and provide training to other campus personnel.

ESC Region 11

June 22- https://ontrac.esc11.net/session.asp?sess_num=009141&wksp_num=004685

July 13- https://ontrac.esc11.net/session.asp?sess_num=009149&wksp_num=004685

July 17- https://ontrac.esc11.net/session.asp?sess_num=009151&wksp_num=004685

Password: ESC11 SLO

White Settlement ISD

June 29- https://ontrac.esc11.net/session.asp?sess_Num=011165&Wksp_Num=004685

Password: White Settlement SLO

Burleson ISD

June 12- https://ontrac.esc11.net/session.asp?sess_Num=009517&Wksp_Num=004685

Password: Burleson SLO

Arlington ISD

June 29- https://ontrac.esc11.net/session.asp?sess_num=010606&wksp_num=004685


Callisburg ISD

June 21- https://ontrac.esc11.net/session.asp?sess_Num=010621&Wksp_Num=004685


Little Elm ISD

August 2- https://ontrac.esc11.net/session.asp?sess_num=010615&wksp_num=004685


Waiver Request Template

Clarification: the waiver request for student growth applies to teacher appraisal, not principal appraisal.

Waiver Template

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As you know, student growth as a required component of teacher appraisal takes effect in the 2017-2018 school year. As districts consider what student growth processes they’ll pursue and plan for implementation in 2017-2018, we want to ensure that the reality of implementing something as large as student growth doesn’t overwhelm what should be increasingly positive experiences with T-TESS and T-PESS.

Year two with T-TESS and T-PESS is where educators really settle in to the systems and become more efficient with and positive about appraisal as a growth process (as opposed to a rating process). We do not want districts to lose that success due to struggles with district-wide student growth implementation.

We would like to remind districts of their ability to apply to the commissioner for a waiver from the requirements to implement student growth in 2017-2018. The commissioner would look favorably upon such waiver requests provided that applying districts did commit to piloting student growth in some capacity during 2017-2018 school year.

Linked above is a waiver request template that your districts could us in crafting and submitting a waiver request to the commissioner.

Waiver FAQ's

1) Are there any requirements on the size of the pilot or what measures should be piloted?

a. No. Districts are free to pilot any of the four measures, and there isn’t a size limit to the pilot. As a coaching tip, too small of a pilot will lead to two issues – first, it won’t give the district any feel for what they will face in 2018-2019 when they implement whole district, and second, pilots work best when an entire entity participates (a whole campus, for example). When it’s less than a whole campus, the work tends to be “in addition to” and not “in lieu of” for principals, and the ability to champion or focus on it when it only affects a subset of teachers can be diminished.

2) When do waiver requests need to be submitted?

a. Districts should submit before the first day of school for the 2017-2018 school year to be safe.

3) Do school boards have to sign off on the waiver?

a. No, just the superintendent.

4) Are any districts in danger of having their waiver denied?

a. No, not as long as they commit to piloting student growth in 2017-2018.


SLO website


Student Growth Measure Information Session

Overview of options for measuring student growth within the T-TESS appraisal system. A more in depth look at the SLO(Student Learning Objective) process. 1.5 hours


Overview Session Slides

Student Growth SLO Training Needs

Please have your district appraisal contact complete the following form by March 20th, so that we can ensure that everyone's training needs are met. We understand that final decisions may not have been made at this time and that the answers reflect a best estimate of training needs.

Training Needs Survey