Careers In Space Science.

By Joel Thorsen

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What Does an Astrophysics Do?

What is it? An astrophysicist is a scientist who researches the principles of light, motion, and natural forces as they pertain to the universe at large. Your contribution to space will be discovering weird things that go in the universe and galaxy.

Who Are Some Astrophysics?

Johannes Kepler established the three laws of planetary motion

Sir Isaac Newton developed theories of gravitation and mechanics, and invented differential calculus Edward Barnard discovered that the proper motions of stars were not random, but stars could be divided into two streams moving in opposite directions, representing the rotation of our galaxy.

Becoming an astrophysicist

Want To Become one?

Here are some things that you you might need to have bachelor's degree possibly a masters. Major would be astronomy. You would probably work at NASA and they would assign you something there or maybe at a university. You would work with with other astrophysicist or students. What makes this career interesting is most things that are discovered in space were by Astrophysics which is always cool to know because YOU discovered it. Some daily task that you would have to accomplish would be looking through a telescope through the night sky and compare your results that you had today to what you had yesterday and why it happens.

Rockets Engineer

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What is it?

A Rockets Engineer is basically people who build rockets and test them study them and give off information about them. your contribution to space is helping to make rockets that will maybe go in space.

Who Are Some Rocket Engineers

Robert Goddard Homer Hickam Sergei Korolev Konstantin Tsiolkvosky (basically anyone who has built a rocket)

Want to Become one?

You HAVE to have a bachelor's degree and possibly a Master’s.

Major would be astronomy.If you are lucky you could work are NASA and work with people in the same field as you but many others can start there own business in it. Steve Wofford another rocket engineer said “what makes this interesting do big and courageous things for our nation -- and we do it well. I'm reminded of that ever time I see a space shuttle launch. That's a truly moving experience.” If you did rockets 4 schools you were being a rocket engineer because you built a rocket studied them and tested it! A daily task that you probably do everyday is work on building your rocket or doing more research on them and study them.

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Planetary Astronomer

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What is it?

This is Observational researchers are predominantly concerned with the study of the small bodies in the solar system those and are observed through telescopes and they are always looking for something unusual (different). Your contribution to space will be teaching other scientist about them and the while world about how planets work and whats on them. Or if there is life or not.

Who Are Some Planetary Astronomer.

Well.. there are many many of them so it's basically anyone who studies planets so it's hard to name some.

Want To Become One?

Major would be astronomy science. Once again have to have a bachelor's degree to even come close to finding a job in this field. You will work with people that have that have the are in the same field as you or maybe just at your own backyard! What makes this job Exciting? Well...what isn't exciting about it? You can discover new planets! stars moons but mostly planets! Then you may even be able to go up in space and see them! A daily task you would do is study the planets what changes happen to them from today and the day before looking through telescopes anything that will help you know more about the planets in the sky.

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Becoming an astrophysicist