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Transformational Presence Leadership in Action

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are partnering to offer this impactful conscious leadership development program.

Led by Joanna Maria Zawada and Sander van Eekelen

mentored by Alan Seale, Founder and Director The Center for Transformational Presence

The TPLA Program is approved by International Coach Federation with 21 CCE Units

Conscious leadership - why now?

Since Covid-19, the world that we knew disappeared form the surface. Although our environment may look the same something has irrevocably changed. Something intangible yet very present - our sense of safety and certainty. For the first time we do not talk about the VUCA world - we are living in one. A Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous reality is now all around us. How to engage with it? How to respond to it? And last but not least - what to learn from this situation for our future?

This Leadership Development Program will enhance your ability to navigate a way forward in these challenging times by strengthening your intuition, self - confidence and courage.

Transformational Presence is a conscious leadership approach whose time has come - a way of living, leading, and serving that can create a world that works for All

5 day Conscious Leadership Development Program

Thursday, June 2nd 2022 at 2pm to Friday, June 10th 2022 at 6:30pm

In the comfort of your own room

This is a virtual program that takes place over a period of 5 days in June 2022:

2, 3, 8, 9, 10 June - 2 pm - 6.30 pm CET

Over 350 professionals worldwide participated in the live and on-line versions of this leadership development program led by Alan Seale and his mentees.

Transformational Presence Leadership is built on a particular set of practical skills, tools, frameworks, and approaches. It is inviting open and expansive worldviews; a keen sense of how to navigate unfamiliar or unknown territory; and the wisdom to know when to take action and when to pause and let things settle. It’s an approach that builds and expands our capacities for awareness, understanding, perception, and effective action – capacities that are essential for navigating in uncertain and unpredictable situations we face nowadays.

In the Japanese culture, there is a concept called kokoro, which literally translates to mean “mind, heart, spirit.” It’s about alignment of energy that enables you to accomplish something important. The concept of kokoro asks “What are the qualities that you need to have to achieve what you want?”. It shows us a conscious leadership crafted from within and its influence on the exterior world - in other words, it shows us how transformation works in practice.

Transformational Presence Leadership allows us to look beyond the obvious to perceive emerging patterns, connections, and potential that most people do not notice. It teaches skills of walking into the unknown, making new discoveries, reading the “signals” that will show where to go next, and blazing trails into new frontiers. It also invites collaboration with ideas and people to create new structures and forms that are relevant to emerging opportunities and challenges. Finally it supports us in building bridges of understanding and awareness.

As we develop these qualities and skills within ourselves, we begin to prototype a new kind of leadership ready to navigate complexity and uncertainty of the world we are getting to know.

What will you learn?

Transformational Presence Leadership evokes in you skills that can help you become:

  • More responsive to face unexpected emerging realities
  • More resilient in the presence of challenge and disappointment
  • More creative and innovative
  • More receptive to messages, signals, and information all around, both seen and unseen, spoken and unspoken
  • More present and aware of what is happening on many levels
  • More open and flexible in the face of the unknown or unpleasant

The TPLA Leaders:

Joanna Maria Zawada MCC, TPCC, Executive & Team Coach

Joanna works with executive teams, managers and entrepreneurs. In 2012, Transformational Presence Leadership and Coaching by Alan Seale and Theory U by MIT lecturer Otto Scharmer deeply changed her approach and perception of her role in the World. Since then she has applied and promoted transformational presence coaching, teamcoaching and leadership in Poland. She believes in self- managing organizations who grow through enabling people to use their full potential, creativity and responsibility at work. By her presence based and transformational work she invites and supports all organizations to work that way.

Joanna loves doing what she’s doing – on professional, corporate level, as well as at her social work in the community where she lives. She is committed to co-create the realm of conscious decisions that serve a greater good: self, communities and the environment.

Sander van Eekelen, TPCC Executive & Team Coach

Sander is the founder of Academy of Life and co-founder of ShiftsHappen (

He is an experienced transformational leadership coach and facilitator. His field of expertise centers around individual and organizational ‘wholeness’ and self organizing systems. With his presence he creates an environment in which people feel safe and enabled to explore their greatest potential and develop the courage to step through self-created and self-imposed barriers. His nature is to friendly invite and compassionately challenge people to go beyond in order for deep exploration and shifts to become possible.

With a background in social psychology and years of experience both in management and in the field of Human Resource Management he not only speaks the ‘language’ but is able to quickly cut to the core of any organizational development issue.

Since 2012, Sander has worked closely with Alan Seale and the Center for Transformational Presence. He is currently a program leader for the various Transformational Presence programs, both open enrolment and in company forms.

He thrives when enabling and witnessing growth both in individual and in team development. His own continuous learning and developmental process lies at the core of his life and work. In his words: “I’m inspired to learn and teach; it’s a reciprocal, never ending dance. To playfully enable people to become the fullest version of themselves is my ultimate goal in life.”

Prices for online TPLA Program:

Regular Price:

1397 Euro excl. VAT

Early bird - till 30th April 2022

1197 Euro excl. VAT

10% discount for TPLC graduates

Big picture

Join Joanna and Sander for this interactive and experiential leadership development program. Come prepared to explore, intuit, invite, and learn simple yet powerful tools and approaches that can help you and those you serve break through old patterns and transform ways of living and working.

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