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Barfield Early Childhood Center Newsletter September 2019

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Message from the Principal

The 19-20 school year is off to an excellent start. I certainly appreciate the patience exhibited by all the parents that drop off/pick up their children. We desperately need additional classrooms, so the short-term inconvenience we are enduring on the parking lot right now is totally worth the long-term pay off of four additional classrooms. Construction is proceeding as expected - if you want to see pictures of the progress, please check out our Photo Cloud page. At present, we have creatively utilized spaces not intended to be classrooms. When our additional wing is completed, those two classes will have permanent homes in beautifully appointed classrooms in the new wing! Due to the continued growth of our community, we typically grow one classroom a year. Therefore, I expect the third classroom will be utilized at the outset of 20-21. That leaves us one classroom to "grow into."

Thank you again for your patience as we work to expand our facility and extend our programming for our growing community.

I look forward to what the future holds!


Kevin Garcia


WSD Boundary Update

The 2019 Boundary Committee continues it work crafting the new boundaries for school attendance. Here is a link to the WSD Community Relations web page with detailed information on the committee's current status and a link to complete a survey to provide feedback.

Important Dates

Sept 5: PTO Meeting 6:00-7:00

Sept 11: Donuts with Dad (100 and 200 halls)

Sept 12: Donuts with Dad (300 hall)

Sept 13: Bobo's Orders Due

Sept 25: Bumbles-a-Thon Fundraiser Due

Sept 26: Bumbles-a-Thon Event and Bobo's Fundraiser Pickup

Sept 27: No School

Staff Spotlight - Katie Johnson

I graduated from Missouri State University in May of 2019 with my master's degree in speech-language pathology. I first began my undergraduate career at Mizzou as a psychology major, but quickly made the switch when I found out there was a field made for chatterboxes like me. Soon after, I fell in love with the early childhood population and haven't looked back since! This is my first year at Barfield, and I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting all of my new students and facilitating their learning through play. It's also been a pleasure getting to know the staff and witnessing firsthand their creativity and passion for working with children.

When I'm not providing speech and language therapy, I enjoy yoga, reading, online shopping, and playing with my dog, Sawyer. I'm hoping he can tell me what all the hype is about Paw Patrol? I'm so excited about all of the experiences to come!

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From The Nurses

It is sometimes hard for parents to know when they should sent their children to school or when to keep them home. Rashes can be especially confusing. I wanted to go over some common childhood rashes and what our practice is when it comes to sending your child home or not.

* Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease: A blister-like rash that occurs in the mouth, palms and fingers of the hand, and the bottoms of the feet. These sores can last 7-10 days. Runny nose, low-grade fever, and sore throat may accompany rash. Your child will need to stay home until the fever is gone for 24 hours with out the aid of medications.

* Fifth Disease: A rash that causes red cheeks ("slapped cheek"). After the appearance on the cheeks, the rash can move to the arms, upper body, and legs. Your child may have a sore throat or low-grade fever. The rash usually fades in 3-7 days. Your child may remain in school if other rash-causing illnesses are ruled out by a healthcare provider.

* Impetigo: Sores, usually beginning at a break in the skin, that produce a thick golden-yellow discharge that dries and crusts. Your child will need to remain home until 24 hrs of treatment has been completed.

* Molluscum: Small, pale, dome-shaped bumps that can be on the face, body, arms, or legs. The bumps can be flesh colored, white or pink. They are usually painless and rarely are itchy. Your child may come to school. Cover the bumps as much as possible with clothing.

Library Scoop

As you may have realized our building is having some construction done and as a result our library moved rooms. Our new Librarian, Miss Allison, has been hard at work getting the library ready for our busy bees! Please check back here in the coming months to find out all the exciting things happening in the library.

Counselor Corner

Hello BEC Parents! My name is Katie Fischer and I am the new Educational Support Counselor this year. I am so excited to be here and wanted to take a few minutes to tell you a little bit about me and the journey that led me here to BEC. First, and most importantly, I am a wife and a mother. My husband and I have one son, Cooper, who just started Kindergarten this year. Together we enjoy bike rides on the Katy Trail, going to see movies, cooking, and playing with our two dogs. We may just have one kiddo but he keeps us pretty busy! The other "hat" that I wear is of an Educational Support Counselor. I have worked in the WSD for 19 years. I taught third and fourth grades for 12 years before becoming a school counselor at the elementary level. After 5 years in that role, my passion for play therapy and working with students who need a little extra TLC during the school day led me to my current role as an ESC. My first few weeks at Barfield have been awesome! I've met some amazing kiddos and teachers, and have loved being in classrooms getting to know everyone. I am looking forward to a great year!

We are off to an exciting start to the year and we are so excited to see what else is in store for us. Our board is all brand new this year and we are loving every minute of it! Please join us at our meetings or reach out if you would be interested in helping us prepare for events or be available during the events. Our next meeting is Thursday, Sept 5 at 6:00 in the multipurpose room at Barfield. Please join us!

There are so many upcoming events this fall and any help would be appreciated. To volunteer you must fill out a background check form and turn it into the office, please check the website to print one off or ask the office:

Our new website is:

We look forward to meeting with each and every one of you this year!

Lauren Kalhorn- BEC PTO president

BEC PTO Block Party!

Our first event of the 2019-2020 school year was a huge success! We had cooler weather, LOTS of bubbles, and plenty to keep our families having fun! Thank you to everyone who could come out to play in the park. It was so fun seeing lots of little friends in their new Barfield spirit wear!

Our vendors really brought the FUN to our party! Bubble Bus of Saint Charles County, Cardinals Nation Food Truck, Kona Ice, Bobo's Pizza, MAD Face Painting, SCCAD Outreach, Wentzville Fire Protection, and Saint Charles County Sheriff's Department were all incredible to work with! Thank you to all of them for showing our families a great night!

Dads, we hope you'll join us on September 11 and 12 for BEC PTO's Donuts with Dad. We are excited about our next event and hope to see you there! We are starting to gear up for our annual Bumbles-A-Thon! Be on the lookout for information about how you can help kick off this exciting new year at Barfield!

All the best,

Danielle Hosp - BEC PTO Vice President