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COVID-19 UPDATES - March 27, 2020

You are receiving this newsletter because you were either enrolled in 4-H last year or have recently enrolled in 4-H for 2020. Please pay close attention to the information in this newsletter as it contains a lot of information that is important to Franklin County 4-H members.

- ADVISORS: Forward these newsletters to new members that may not be enrolled online yet.


As we continue to monitor the spread and impacts of COVID-19 throughout the world and here in Ohio, have been and may continue to be needed. OSU Extension has directed county 4-H programs to cancel, postpone, or offer virtually, any programming that takes place prior to May 15. While we had previously communicated schedule changes for the month of April, you will find below additional schedule implications for May. Please know that we will continue to keep you updated as new information becomes available. And remember, we are all in this together!

The Franklin County 4-HOnline Enrollment deadline has been extended to April 15.

Watch one of these videos for instructions on how to enroll for 2020 if you haven’t yet:

Club Meetings - All club meetings/activities must be canceled or held virtually until May 15.

  • Advisors are encouraged to hold meetings virtually to continue youth interaction (i.e. Facebook live, Zoom, Skype, conference calls, etc.) Check out these resources:
    - Advisors can check out resources found here:

  • Enrollment paperwork/forms: Deadline is suspended until further notice.
    (Horse ID – see below)

  • Members are encouraged to do a project demonstration via video and send them to their club advisors. BONUS: If you email a link to your video demonstration to Rachel at, you might see your video featured on our Facebook page. (Note that some advisors have already planned for live demonstrations during video conferenced club meetings. Please defer to your club advisor’s plans.)
    Here are a couple videos to help you complete a video project demonstration:
    - How to Shoot a Better Video with Your Phone:
    - How to Upload Your 4-H Demonstration to YouTube:

HORSE ID FORMS/LEASE FORMS MUST BE TURNED IN BY MAY 1 (Possession Deadline still April 1) Either email it directly to Beth at OR by sending it to Horse Committee chair, Becky Applegett, 947 Harborton Dr., Columbus, OH 43228 (via US Mail or dropping it off to the box on her porch).

Livestock Animals – Many possession deadlines are May 1 for market animals. While there are currently no plans to postpone/cancel the fair, families should consider all possibilities before committing to a market animal this year and determine what their plan would be in a worst-case scenario.

Project Books - Project book ordering from the Extension Office has been temporarily suspended. We look forward to a possible solution for ordering books in the coming week. Stay tuned. Until then, if you'd like to purchase books at the non-4-H office rate, you can do so at:


  • Fashion Board, March 29 - POSSIBLY POSTPONED (TBD)
  • Horse Possession Date, April 1 – HAS NOT CHANGED
  • Horse Royalty Application, April 1 – NOW DUE APRIL 15 (email to
  • Camp Counselor Meeting, April 2 - VIRTUAL
  • Clover 5K, April 4 - POSTPONED to September 26, 2020 (More info coming soon)
  • Walk & Serve, April 4 - POSTPONED to September 26, 2020 (More info coming soon)
  • Horse Committee, April 6 - POSSIBLY VIRTUAL
  • Backyard Poultry Production Vet Science Clinic, April 8 - CANCELED
  • Horse Safety & Ethics, April 14 – CANCELED (Possible Virtual Option Coming Soon)
  • Franklin County 4-H Advisor Fair Update, April 15 - POSSIBLY VIRTUAL OR POSTPONED
  • Camp Counselor Workshop, April 17-18 – CANCELED
  • Introduction to Equine First Aid Vet Science Clinic, April 23 – CANCELED
  • Livestock Quality Assurance, April 25 – TBD
  • Teen Leaders Council, April 28 – POSSIBLY VIRTUAL
  • New 4-H Family Orientation, April 30 – POSTPONED (New Date-TBD)
  • Camp Counselor Meeting, May 1 – Virtual
  • Franklin County 4-H Equine Clinic, May 2 – POSSIBLY POSTPONED (TBD)
  • Youth Horse Show, May 3 – POSSIBLY POSTPONED (TBD)
  • Horse Committee, May 4 – POSSIBLY VIRTUAL
  • Rabbit Nutrition and Diseases Vet Science Clinic, May 7 – CANCELED
  • Horse Safety & Ethics, May 11 - CANCELED (Possible Virtual Option Coming Soon)
  • Basic Care of Your Dog Vet Science Clinic, May 13 – CANCELED


Dear 4-H Families, Volunteers, and Supporters,

It’s hard to believe that just three weeks ago we were preparing to welcome 1200 volunteers and teens to the annual Ohio 4-H Youth Conference in Columbus. We know much has changed since that time for all of us, but what hasn’t changed is the commitment of Ohio’s 4-H professionals to the youth in their counties.

I want to update you with information about how the 4-H program is moving forward during this global pandemic. One week ago, county OSU Extension offices temporarily closed to help reduce opportunities for the virus to continue to spread. 4-H professionals and their OSU Extension colleagues worked quickly to transition their materials and resources to be able to continue working from their homes. In just a few short days, they connected with you via email, began offering virtual meetings and regularly updated web sites and social media with current information and resources. I could not be prouder of their willingness to handle this challenge and seek ways in which to keep 4-H programming alive and well.

For many of our families, virtual (or online) meetings seem to be working well, however I recognize it doesn’t work for everyone due to accessibility issues in parts of the state. We are continuing to explore options and will share solutions in the next few weeks. In the meantime, there are tip sheets for club leaders with options and ideas for holding virtual club meetings at Keep checking this site, because we will continue to add information to help you.

We know the spread of coronavirus also presents great uncertainty about upcoming 4-H events—Will camps happen this summer? Will we be able to exhibit our projects at fairs? What about project judging? And the answer is that right now, we just don’t know. At this point, all 4-H activities, club meetings, events and programs must be held virtually or cancelled until May 15. The situation is dynamic and changes daily, so we will continue to monitor conditions and reevaluate as needed. This ban may need to extend beyond May 15. During this time of unprecedented health concerns, we will work together to keep you updated and informed.

We understand concerns that some fairs may not be able to take place this year due to the global pandemic health emergency. Any decision to cancel a local fair, festival, parade or other large group gatherings will be made by those authorized to protect the health and well being of all Ohioans. 4-H members and their families should consider a number of factors as they make their decisions to purchase 4-H market livestock projects. Risks and rewards must be taken into account. For example, we encourage families to consider their overall available budget, space to care for livestock, availability of alternative markets, availability of local processing, family freezer space, and needs of local food pantries.

OSU Extension and 4-H will continue working together to support our 4-H members, families, volunteers and local partners, including senior fair boards, classroom teachers, and magistrates, as we navigate this health emergency. As Governor DeWine shared earlier this week, we are “in this together Ohio.” Thank you for your continued patience and perseverance.

Yours in service to 4-H,

Kirk Bloir

4-H Project Requirement Guide - Available Now!

Are you investigating projects for this year? Do you know what you need to do in order to complete your project? Make sure you check out the Franklin County 4-H Project Requirement Guide HERE.

Important Fair Information



Ractopamine is sometimes fed to beef cattle, swine, and turkeys to improve growth rate. Product trade names include: Paylean®, Optaflexx®, Engain®, Actogain®, and other generic derivatives. It is also sometimes used inappropriately in other species.

FOR 2020, NO ANIMALS ARE PERMITTED TO HAVE BEEN FED RACTOPAMINE. This ban includes ALL species such as beef, swine, turkeys, goats, sheep, rabbits, other poultry, and horses.

Six things you should do to make sure your animal is Ractopamine Free in 2020:

  1. Understand the status of any animal you purchase or raise on your own farm and comply by not feeding or exposing your animal to ractopamine.

  2. Work directly with your feed supplier to assure that the feed you use is free of ractopamine.

  3. Feeders and containers should be thoroughly cleaned with soap and water and dried prior to adding new feed. This will prevent cross-contamination if you fed ractopamine last year.

  4. Pens, bedding, fans, etc. should be thoroughly cleaned with soap and water as they have a risk of containing ractopamine if you have fed it in the past.

  5. Do a complete wash and dry of trailers and vehicles between loads of animals.

  6. Don’t offer ractopamine as it is not acceptable for the fair or exhibition.

Signed affidavits will be required prior to exhibiting your animal stating that you have not fed your animal ractopamine. Random testing will occur during the fair.

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