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By: Abby Almeida

Introduction to Ancient Greece Geography

Ancient Greece has an interesting geography. Geography includes, land forms, climates and trading. There geography is very different from ours today. Therefore, Greece has a unique geography.

Geographical Features of Ancient Greece

  1. It is a peninsula.
  2. It is mountainous.
  3. It is surrounded by an ocean (the Black Sea).
  4. It has dry land.
  5. It uses the Black Sea as a trade route.
  6. It is very rocky.

Problems with Greece's geographical features

Geographical Features of Greece that are helpful

Positives to the geographical features in Greece

  1. They used the ocean for sailing and trade routes.
  2. They used the trade routes to get the crops they didn’t have.
  3. The mountains protected them from wars.

Adapting to their community

  • Since they didn’t have maps, they used the stars to navigate. They also stayed close to land to know where they were.
  • They adapted to the water because they had dry, rocky land.
  • They climbed over the mountains to get to places.
  • Who was helped most by their geographical features?

    The merchants, sailors and fishermen had the most help due to the geographical features. I know this because they depended on the ocean to get crops and seafood, because they had bad soil, that wasn’t able to plant crops.

    Impacts of the geographical features

    1. The climate impacted the development of the civilization.

    2. The sea shaped their environment in a positive way.
    3. Their land created many problems in the development of Greece.

    Animals in Ancient Greece

    Some animals that were in Ancient Greece include...

    1. Sheep
    2. Goats
    3. Cattle


    In conclusion, Ancient Greece has a unique geography. There community is affected by the land, sea and climate that is around them. They rely on these things to help them through everyday life. As you can see, they are impacted greatly by there geography in Ancient Greece.