The Nerve Center for All Things 8th Grade

Home Stretch? Not quite yet...


Simply put, this community never ceases to amaze me. So grateful for all the kind sentiments as my family and I dealt with the loss of Mike's father and Rebecca and Miguel's grandfather. He was a great man: very well respected and revered in the business community in Manila and very well loved by family and friends. Dad was an avid golfer and loved all things American. He ran a conglomerate that imported Ford automobiles into the Philippines. His mentor was a U.S. veteran who found himself starting a business in a foreign country after World War II. He and his wife retired in Pacific Grove after handing the reins to my father-in-law. This experience--recalling a loved one's legacy--helps put things in perspective for all those affected by loss. Not many get the opportunity to change his or her legacy like Alfred Nobel: from dynamite inventor to philanthropist. How would you like to be remembered?

In my eyes, the staff who pulled together to make things happen for the students and families for Catholic Schools Week--especially Mrs. Dickerson, Mrs. Delgado, and Mr. Johnston, who finalized the submission of High School Recommendations and transcripts these very busy two weeks--are exceptional gifts to this community. How very lucky we all are to have such dedicated and caring professionals in our midst! I personally owe them a debt of gratitude. Thank you, too, to Mrs. Ashley Fijman who so expertly stepped into the role. She took the ball and ran with it! Most especially, I am grateful to all of you for your patience and your graciousness in allowing our family a chance to celebrate a life well lived. I am forever in your debt.

A special kudos goes to Maddie Schmid and Kate Lally who took the initiative to help our teachers and staff during VIP day. Ms. Schmid and Ms. Lally were "Caught Doing Something Good" and we are very proud of them! Thank you for raising responsible and caring students.

As we anticipate high school admissions results, please encourage students to stay focused and on task with academics and respectful behavior. There is still a lot of learning left to do to be able to say that they have completed the course of study required of an 8th grade student. Together, our goal is to make sure that students are prepared to succeed in a college preparatory environment and that includes building good study habits and maintaining a responsible attitude. Thank you for your help in this endeavor. We will do our best to keep students engaged and provide them with skills needed for the next step.

Back to business and those lists I keep talking about...

IMPORTANT DATE CHANGE! Our Washington DC Parent/Student Meeting is now scheduled for Tuesday, February 23 at 7 P.M. (It was previously scheduled for Monday, February 29.) This is a mandatory meeting for all students and parents to finalize trip plans. There are a couple of very important forms that need to be completed this evening, and the rooming list and itinerary will be shared at this time. Our chaperones for this trip are: Mr. Clauss, Ms. Bendik (Nguyen), Mrs. Bozzini, Mrs. Duflock, Mrs. Fanslau, Mr. Gadbois, Ms. Johnson (Kausik), Ms. Hunter (Morley), Mrs. Kern, Mrs. Lally, Mrs. Nequist, Mrs. O'Hara, Mr. Raynak, Mrs. Sullivan, and Mrs. Teresi. PLEASE MAKE NECESSARY ARRANGEMENTS SO THAT ONE OR BOTH PARENTS CAN ATTEND.

WELLNESS AND WELL-BEING. I hope that your household is on the mend or that you are able to keep off whatever virus or illness is going around. Please remind students not to share water bottles, drinks, or utensils. Encourage plenty of good hand-washing and use of hand sanitizers. Bring reusable water bottles and hydrate frequently. Together, we should remind students to practice good hygiene including minimizing the spread of germs. Most of all, please do not send students to school unless they have been fever free for 24 hours.

GRADUATION GOWNS. Mrs. Schmid, Mrs. Mastropolo, Mrs. Hansen, and Mrs. Shannon will be taking gown measurements first thing on Tuesday, Feb. 23 so that we can place gown orders for students. Please make sure your student is at school on this day. We will make other arrangements to accommodate those who are absent on this day.

ASH WEDNESDAY & LENT. Please join us for this Holy Day of Obligation. Mass begins at 9 A.M. and led by the 6th grade. On Friday, March 11, we will celebrate a communal Reconciliation Service. You are invited to receive the Sacrament with the class. Details to follow.

TARDIES. Please make sure students are coming to school on time. The bell rings at 8 A.M. and attendance is taken shortly after then. This is our very brief homeroom period and students who come in late often miss out on very important information that require action.

Please remember to send the Office an email or physical note with your child upon his or her return, identifying the dates and reason for your his or her absence.

UPCOMING EVENTS, FUNDRAISING, ETC. Fuzzy grams are on sale this week. Emergency Kits are still available for sale until Feb. 12. The Men's Club is holding a Bowling Night for Fathers and Sons. Details can be found in the Wednesday letter, or call the Office for details.

As always, peace and blessings for the weeks ahead!

Mrs. Cecile Mantecón