By: Shawn Fulton

Basic Facts

  • Japan's capital is named Tokyo and it's known for neon skyscrapers and pop culture.
  • The population of Japan is 127.3 million.
  • Shinzo Abe is the Prime Minister of Japan.
  • The Japan flag is a red dot with a white background.
  • Japan has a constitutional monarchy government.
  • The original language for Japan is Japanese.
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The arts are about fifty percent of Japan, but the thing that people first think about is either their history or how much times they to karaoke on the weekends. But the history of Japan is very bad, dark and dangerous for most of the Japanese to talk about. I am going to break down the history into two parts, the Imperial Origins and Feudal Period, and World War 2. The Imperial Origins and Feudal Period first starts out with 600 when Emperor Jimmu ruling over all of Japan. Then the shougans take over political control in around the 12th and 19th century . In around the 1860's, the shougans lost control and the emperors take back their place in the political powers. At around 1926 - 1989, a guy named Hirihoto, takes power.After the time period of 1989, Hirihoto's son, Akihito, took in place of his father and now rules over Japan.
World War 2 was one of the most worse and bloodiest of all wars. It killed around 40,000,000 - 50,000,000. Now let's talk about the events that lead up to this. First, it starts off with Japan's placement in the world. This started around the late 90's and the 20's, Japan finally defeated the Chinese and Russian forces. This put them in a very high ranking because they were one of the best. At around 1941, they successfully landed an air attack on the US navy in pearl harbor. Japan then encircled most of southeast Asia. At around 1943, two years from the air attack, the US has a clever idea of paying them a visit. Japan got payback form the US in the summer of 1941. They got atomic bombs dropped on them in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. After the terrible bombing from the US, Japan surrenders and becomes an economic power and allies with the US. They then make a military occupation that lasts around 1945 to 1952. After this the Japanese constitution was reinstated and making Japan a democracy. Now the US and Japan are both closed.


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