Fake Frost

How it works and what it does!

What we did.

In class our group created fake frost. Fake frost can be used in movies to make it look like winter even when it is summer. This method is very quick and takes very little time and materials. These were the people in our group:

How we didst it.

First we gathered our materials: a bowl, a measuring cup, a teaspoon, a towel, some dish soap, hot water, and Epsom salts. Then we mix the hot water and the Epsom salts until it dissolved. After that, we added one teaspoon of dish soap so it would stick to the window better. Next, we soaked the towel in the solution and dabbed it on the window. After that we waited for the solution to dry on the window.

why did this happen?

When we mixed the solution together the Epsom salts dissolved into the water and when we applied the solution to the window the Epsom salts that were dissolved solidified into a flat shape instead of the normal form you see salt in. The salt ended up looking like the window got frozen because of the formation the salt solidified into.