4th Grade Math & Science

Martellaro & Grobe

September 9, 2013

Amazing 4th grade parents,

We had another great week last week and we have a lot coming up this month. This week my newsletter contains a lot of questions that I have been getting about 4th grade procedures. So, I hope that this helps. My newsletter won't usually be this long:)

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me, I will respond as soon as possible.

Thanks for all you do for our kids!

Samantha Martellaro

Homework FAQ

- Students will be assigned homework every Friday to be due the following Thursday.

-Assignments will be paper and pencil. If you want to do additional practice with your student you may still use istation or Think Through Math at home, but it will not be apart of the homework routine this year.

-If a student has questions or is struggling with certain assignments they can bring their homework to lunch throughout the week and ask a teacher who is on duty. There will always be a mix of Reading and Math teachers on duty:)

-If a student does not complete their homework they will have study hall on Friday during lunch time. As soon as they finish their assignment they can go back to lunch with their friends


As a fourth grade team we are all marking agendas every afternoon with one of two colors. My homeroom will have either pink which denotes a good day or Orange which denotes a behavior note. Orange will always be accompanied by a note in the agenda. We have mostly had all pinks so far this year! YAY!

*Please make sure you are looking at your student's agenda each night as we require a parent signature nightly. Thanks!

MAP Testing

We began MAP testing last week with the Math MAP and will continue this with the reading MAP. Next week will be the science test.

Our testing days this week are Tuesday and Wednesday. Wednesday will be a day where we finish from the day before.

Next week our testing day is Friday.

Please make sure that our students get a good night's sleep the night before and a good breakfast the morning of.

Field Trip

Next Tuesday, Septemer 17th we have our first field trip tho the Dallas museum of Art.

I have received most of the permission slips!

If you have not yet returned the permission slip please do so ASAP. If you need a new one I will send it home, just let me know or have your students let me know.

*We ask that the students wear a McGowen shirt if they have one.

*Every student will need a sack lunch that day!

*We will be leaving at 9:30 and coming back to campus at 2:00.


Last week we focused on Place Value and discussed the difference between place vs. value. We learned words like standard form, expanded form, and word form.

This week we will be focusing on addition and subtraction with problem solving strategies.


Last week we continued to talk about ways that scientists communicate. We discussed the differences between qualitative observations and quantitative observations, and observations and inferences.

This week we will continue last weeks topics, practice communicating like scientists during lab experiments, and review for our first test!

Contact Information

Samantha Martellaro

Math and Science

Room D102




Destine Grobe

Reading, Writing, and Social Studies

Room D104