Helen Keller

How she succeeded with being both deaf and blind.

The Beginning

Throughout Helen's life it was her conflicts that were mainly character against self because of all of her health issues. When Helen was 18 months old she got very sick which resulted in her being deaf and blind for the rest of her life. She defiantly found ways to manage through this and to become a very important person in history and here is how.

How She Learned

As you could imagine it would be extremely hard to learn with being both deaf and blind. Helen definitely found her way around her difficulties through specialized teaching. She truly believed that she could overcome these challenges. “But if they unintentionally placed obstacles in my way, I have the consolation of knowing that I overcame them all.” She had said this when she understood how to speak the slightest bit. Learning how to speak changed a lot for her.

Even though she was both deaf and blind she managed to inspire people to be the best you they can.

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Helen Keller accomplished many things such as becoming the first deaf and blind person to earn an art bachelors degree. She also learned not just one language but three. Keller had learned German, French, and Latin. One finial thing she did was fought to defend the rights of individuals that everyone had according the the constitution.
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