The Hot Spot - September

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Banned Book Week -September 27 - October 3

Celebrate your freedom to read! Each year, people across the country celebrate their freedom to read books that have been challenged in schools, libraries, and bookstores. Banned Book Week began in 1982, and since that date, the American Library Association has stated that more than 11,300 books have been challenged. Just last year, 311 book challenges were reported to the Office of Intellectual Freedom. To find out more about Banned Book Week, visit

Come by the CCHS Library Media Center to get your MUG SHOT with your favorite Banned Book during Banned Book Week.

You may have already read a BANNED BOOK . . .

Check out some of the popular banned books that have been taught in our classes . . .


Check out our new checkout system for electronic books. Using your computer username (the name you use to log on to your computers), you can download a book on your computer, Kindle, smart phone, or other electronic device. To connect to our Overdrive checkout system go to CCHS Links or click here: