Why is the 4th amendment important?

The right to privacy from the government

The fourth amendment is important because it protects people from unreasonable seizures

Protecting our privacy from the government because the government can't send police at your door and search for bad things for no reason. An unreasonable seizure is taking your things without replacing it.I think that it's not fair that the government is taking your things. the government must have a good reason to take your stuff.your parents can only take your stuff not the government.

(Image: http://www.zimbio.com/Fourth+Amendment+to+the+United+States+Constitution/articles/4/Reminder+Monday+Wiretap+Internet+Day)

The fourth amendment defends people against unreasonable searches.

unreasonable searches means that people can't look through your stuff.I think that police can't check through peoples stuff without a warrant. police should have a good reason to be checking through your stuff.your parents can search your things not the government.

The patriot act took away some of our fourth amendment rights.

Now the police can search you if you look suspicious.It's not fair for the government taking away our rights.The government should have a good reason to take away our rights.the government can monitor people even though their not criminals.