Operation Uphold Democracy

By: Jamie Sickmann

Who was involved?

President Clinton of the U.S, and the ousted President of Haiti, Jean Bertrand Aristead, who the U.S. helped to return to Haiti, worked together to ensure the safe elections of the new president Rene Preval.

What was it?

The Operation Uphold Democracy was to keep peace and restore democracy in Haiti for the people. The U.S. wanted the people in Haiti to be safe.

When and where did this take place?

The Operation Uphold Democracy began on September 10, 1994 in Haiti. It ended on March 31, 1995 in Haiti.

How did this happen?

The Operation Uphold Democracy happened because the U.S. responded to a coup against the president of Haiti when Bush was President in September of 1994. The U.S. thought that Haiti's new leaders were not successful and dangerous. The people of Haiti led a coup and almost destroyed the government. The U.S. stayed over in Haiti to protect the people and build up the democratic government for Haiti. It finally ended in March of 1995 because the U.S. saw the Haiti government having control again.

Why did this happen?

The Operation Uphold Democracy started because the U.S. saw the Haiti government being torn apart and people of Haiti starving and dying. The U.S. was scared to see Haiti's government failing and not be a democratic government anymore. U.S. troops stayed over in Haiti till President Clinton saw progress again in Haiti's government.
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