Message from Co-President Pereyra

Sunday, July 3rd, 2022

Hello LAFSE Members,

I will keep this message short, but I would be remiss if I did not share with you today. On behalf of myself and the LAFSE Executive Council, I would like to give our most humble and profound thanks to Christine Engelbrecht for her service as Co-President of LAFSE.

Christine has been a fearless leader and worked tirelessly for our Union over the last year. I have truly been privileged to have had such a wonderful Co-President alongside me. We are pleased she has agreed and been appointed as our Media and Press Secretary and will continue in a new leadership role.

I am pleased to welcome our new CoPresident Stacy Martens to our local leadership. Throughout my career working with Stacy, she has been a superior advocate and supporter of our Union. She has served as her local building Union Representative and on the certified collective bargaining agreement negotiations team. She is a powerful and dedicated advocate for our local. I am humbled and appreciative to have her alongside me as a leader. I look forward to working with her this next year and continuing the important work of our Union.

Along with our new CoPresident and Media & Press Secretary, our Executive Council will have another new leader. Taylor Pomeroy has graciously accepted the role of Secretary for our local. Taylor has been a fighter for our Classified staff both at Mountain and at the classified collectively bargained agreement negotiations table. She has a wealth of knowledge from her career as an Instructional Assistant in our District and will be an exceptional addition to our Executive Council. I thank Susan Hettinga for her service has Secretary and her work for our local. Susan will continue to serve her staff as the Certified Chamisa Building Representative.

Whenever changes occur, there are always questions and curiosity as to the direction the local will take. Though there have been changes, the Executive Council members and I assure you, we will continue to put you and your needs first. You are the educators our children and our community counts on. You are the tireless public servants that teach, mentor, guide, and advocate for our children and their rights. We will continue to serve you humbly and with continued admiration for you and all you do.

Our doors are always open to our members for questions, concerns, or just as a safe place.

In solidarity,

Trey Pereyra

LAFSE Co-President