Dracula. Myth or reality?




Bram Stokers Dracula - Harker Escapes

Jonathan Escapes.

In Dracula, by Bram stoker, it really is a mystery as to how Jonathan escaped from Dracula’s castle. For one, the three seductive ladies were in the castle with him and being vampires, you would think they had highly keen senses to realize when a prisoner is trying to escape. My theory is that they must have been aware of Jonathan’s escape in progress and rather than stop him, they decided to let him go. If that theory is correct then that would mean that the ladies were indirectly the cause of Dracula’s death and their own. Second and last, how did Jonathan escape? In the book, it only talks about Jonathan writing to Mina about his plans to escape by scaling down a window and that was all there was to it. If he did indeed escape by scaling down a window then he must have used something like a rope to safely descend down. But where would he get something like that? Since this is a castle, there’s no way tying bed-sheets together will be long enough to reach the ground.

Van Helsing. Who, what, where, and How?

Throughout the novel it is very evident that Van Helsing was knowledgeable about monsters like Dracula and how to kill them. For example, when Lucy was sick from Dracula’s bites, Helsing knew to get her some garlic flowers for her protection and when Arthur tried to kiss Lucy, Helsing warned him not to get too close or he might get bite. Van Helsing knew many things about vampires and though it does not matter, I wonder where he learned all these things. Did he have mentor who taught him? Had he come in contact with vampires before? Was Dracula even the first vampire he’d killed? Van Helsing in my opinion is the most mysterious character out of the whole novel, even more mysterious than Dracula.

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