Animal Experimentation

By, RJ King


I believe animal experimentation is wrong because animals get hurt and die. Animal experimentations can also change animals habits,and is cruel and inhuman. Do the animals a favor and stop animal experimentation.

Animals get hurt when they are experimented on. 95% of animals used in experimentations aren't protected by the Animal Welfare. Animals used in experiments are force fed and are inflicted with burns. Also animals grow tumors get killed and if they make it they have to spend the rest of their lives with whatever happend to them. In a natural setting this would not happen.

Animal experimentation can change animals natural habits if they don't die first. The U.S Department of agriculture reported that in 2010 97,123 animals were suffering with pain because they were not given anesthesia. Most experiments involving animals are flawed, which wastes the lives of innocent animals. The animals habits change when they are force fed with pipes. This wouldn't happen if the animals were aloud to live in peace.
Animal testing is cruel and inhuman . Animals are very different from humans and make poor test subjects. Johns Hopkins University, argues for the alternatives in animal testing because "we are not 70 kg rats". Animal tests do not reliably predict results in human beings. You would get better results by using a Petri dish because you can use human cells.
Scientists have found many cures for diseases. Animal research is highly regulated, with laws in place, to protect animals from mistreatment. If vaccines were not used to test animals millions of them would have died from rabies, distemper and many more. But millions of animal have died from many experiments built on theory. Which still makes animal experimentation wrong.


I believe animal experimentation is wrong. Millions of animals get hurt every year from being experimented on. So stand up to stop animal experimentation. Come on people is just wrong.


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