Tuesday Techbytes

May 5, 2016

News from the Office

Virtual Desktop Environment Coming to HS and MS: We have been working hard on getting the virtual desktop environment up and running district-wide. This environment will save the district both time and money. Currently, the elementary schools have been converted and are running successfully. Conversion should be complete prior to end of June.

Summer Chromebook Needs for Students: If you have a course that requires summer work where a student would need or benefit from having a Chromebook (or another specific need), please fill out this survey ASAP. It will greatly help us with our Chromebook collection process.

Chromebook Collection: In an effort to begin preparing students for the collection of Chromebooks, we are asking that you remind them that they will need to remove stickers and locate chargers (cases should already be on). Collection date(s) will be announced soon.

LAST CALL! Paid Subscription Survey: We still have only about 50% of you that have completed this survey to date. This is your last chance! For those that don't answer, we will assume that you do not use any paid subscriptions and move forward. Thank you.

Chromebook Cases: Chromebook cases are a MUST! If students are caught without a case, please issue a referral. We thank you for your support of this procedure; It will not only protect our assets, it will help out the end-of-the-year collection for all those


New Chromebook Cases: New Chromebook cases are ready for purchase in the IT office. We have three colors: red, navy blue, and purple. Our student survey results indicated that nearly 200 students would be willing to purchase a case if it was under $30. Our cases are $25 and regularly sell for close to $40. Send any inquiries to the IT office.

News from Beyond

TEACHERS: EMBRACE THE FULL POTENTIAL OF TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION THROUGH CREATION: In January, President Obama announced his Computer Science for All initiative, proposing over $4 billion in funding for schools around the country to increase their computer science programs. Read on to find out how teachers can prepare for this.

GET CODING IN YOUR CLASSROOM: We know how important it is to get kids exposed to computer programming, but how? Here are 10 easy ways to get started with coding in the classroom.

WE HOLD THIS CODE TO BE SELF-EVIDENT: In an open letter to Congress, Code.org and the Computer Science Education Coalition are calling for $250 million in federal funding to support K-12 computer science education. The private sector is already stepping up: Companies like Marriott, John Deere and Facebook have pledged $48 million. Already, 28 governors and 10 superintendents have signed the petition.

KAHOOT ADDS A TEAM MODE: If you are a "Kahooter," you might be glad to know that Kahoot now has a team mode for your students to play. Read more HERE to see how it works! If you are NOT using Kahoot, you should try it! Let me know if you need help.

CHECK IT OUT! Google Maps has 3D images of Glens Falls - you can rotate, tilt, and "fly" around the images.

How to use it: Switch a Google map to "earth" view (lower left corner) and then look for the little 3D button in the lower right corner under the compass needle. Be sure to try holding down the control button while moving around the map.

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Upcoming My Learning Plan Events:

There are currently no events coming up

SAMR SECTION - Transforming lessons with SAMR

Lesson: Email Etiquette

    Original lesson: Review printed copies of Email Etiquette concepts and guidelines.

    • Substitution: Students read an online article discussing Email Etiquette concepts and guidelines.
    • Augmentation: Student read an online article discussing Email Etiquette concepts and guidelines that includes links to examples, and offer comments online indicating their top 5 favorite tips.
    • Modification: Student watch a video discussing Email Etiquette concepts and guidelines and after reviewing the guidelines, they create a Twitter account and Tweet their top 5 tips.
    • Redefinition: Student watch the guidelines video, then assess examples of Email Etiquette ‘violations’ and indicate which guidelines should be applied to correct/improve on the examples.
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