AC Maintenance Lakeland

In Florida, there are days when both appliances might

Ending Arguments Over Thermostat Settings for the Central Air Conditioner

It's a common theme among married couples and domestic partners that men and women cannot agree what temperature the home should be. They squabble over the thermostat setting throughout the months when the air conditioning or the furnace runs. The bickering is forgotten when the air conditioning breaks down, as all the couple now wants is for some relief from the heat. For Air Conditioning Repair Lakeland residents rely on skilled technicians to get the equipment working again.

Variations in Weather

In Florida, there are days when both appliances might be needed, as night temperatures dip into the high 50s and daytime heat rises toward 90. These aren't the days when people clamor for the fastest AC repair Lakeland companies have to offer. They may be willing to wait until the next business day so they won't have to pay an emergency service fee, since they know the night will be cool.

However, in the heat of the summer sometimes there's no real break from the heat for many days or even a few weeks. The average low temperature in August here is in the mid-70s, and the dew point tends to be uncomfortable. Nearly everyone in this area has some form of air conditioning now. Most choose central AC installation Lakeland HVAC companies provide.

Compromise Is Key

So what happens when everyone agrees they want the air conditioning to be running but they can't agree on a temperature? Compromise is key. The person who feels chilly might dress a little warmer. The one who feels a bit too warm might use a ceiling, floor or table fan for a breeze.

Research indicates that people sleep better in cooler temperatures, so the residents shouldn't feel compelled to turn the central air off at night. Instead, they can run it at the cooler temperature that one person prefers, and the other person might use a light blanket.

Annual Maintenance for Optimum Efficiency

Although it may seem a bit silly to keep the thermostat set lower and have to wear socks around the house, doing so can help a lot in minimizing arguments about household temperatures. The person who wants the thermostat higher may fret about a more expensive electric bill with the cooler temperatures. One way to minimize that is have yearly maintenance performed on the system so it functions at optimum efficiency. To schedule annual AC Maintenance Lakeland residents can call a company like Snowbird Heating & Cooling.