The Juliano Journal

Week of September 21-25

Dear Parents,

Happy Friday! We continue to stay busy in our third grade classroom doing lots of learning!

On Monday the students completed the final MAP test of the fall. The third graders did SUCH a great job putting forth their best effort and showing what they know on both of the tests.

Just a reminder that your child's reading log is due back this Monday! Please check in with your child and make sure that the log is completely filled out before it is brought back on Monday.

Meerkat Induction is taking place next Friday! Students are still earning their way into the club at this point. I have sent home a Meerkat behavior update with the students today to let you know how your child is progressing towards making his/her way into the club! Please review this report with your child.

Have a great weekend!

Miss Juliano

Curriculum News

Language Arts

This week we read a book called The Best Part of Me. This book was written by third, fourth, and fifth graders in North Carolina, and each page features a child writing about which part of his/her body he/she likes best and why. The students really loved this book! After we read the book the students got to choose which body part is "the best part of them" and write a paragraph explaining why they like this body part the most. The students came up with such unique ideas, ask your child what body part he/she chose!

In writing we discussed the editing step of the writing process. Students learned what writers do when they edit, and practiced looking for spelling, capitalization, and grammar mistakes in their own writing. Next week we will begin to take a deeper look into the writing trait of Ideas.


This week in math we reviewed counting dollars and cents. Students practiced writing money amounts using dollars-and-cents notation, which means they need to include a dollar sign as well as a decimal point in each answer. Students also practiced comparing dollar amounts. Further, we discussed what a pictograph is and how it can be used to display data. Students practiced creating pictographs when given a set of data, and answered questions using the pictograph.

Next week the students will be taking the unit 1 assessment. Students will be completing an in-class review that they will take home to help them prepare and review for the assessment.


This week in our sound unit the students investigated how the amount of tension that is put on an object will affect the pitch. Students discovered that the greater the tension on a sound source is, the higher the pitch will be.

Next week we will culminate our sound unit by observing how sounds travel through solids, liquids, and gas.

Important Dates

10-6 Lou Malnati's Fundraiser

10-9 Walk for West

10-12 Columbus Day- no school

10-13 WPO Meeting- 7:00

10-15 Family Library Night- 6:30

Let's Hear From the Students!

Brooke says....

"My favorite thing that we did this week was writing about the best part of us. I liked this activity because the whole class was creating a book together."
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