A Clean Well Lighted Place

by armando martinez

Old Man

He is a deaf man who likes to stay late at a local cafe. The old man has attempted to hang himself, has a lot of money, and once had a wife. His niece now takes care of him.

Young Waiter

He is an impatient young man who cares only about getting home to his wife. The Young Waiter is usually irritated with the old man, and doesn't seem to care why the old man stays so late at the cafe. His only concern is to leave as quickly as possible.

Old Waiter

A compassionate man who understands why the old man may stay late. He enjoys staying late at the cafe, he thinks it is important for the cafe to be a clean and well lit place, for the old man or others that wonder into the cafe.

It's About The Cafe

"A Clean Well-Lighted Place" is about a young man interactions at the cafe, and he learns to see from an old mans point of view from his co-worker explaining to him the difficulties of being an old man. I enjoyed this short story because i can relate to the the life of the young waiter by understanding what he learned about the old men. I disliked the attitude of the young waiter towards the co-worker as well to the old man. All young men should read this story to get a better understanding of life as it can be harder than what it seems. With age, as explained in the lives of the old men, comes experience and regret that can be seen in this story.