Exploring the World’s Geography

Game Plan Social Studies

Content Standard

4. Research and information Fluency

Ohio department of education

NETS-S Standard

Maps can be used to locate and identify places

5. Places are distinctive because of their physical characteristics (landforms and bodies of water) and human characteristics (structures built by people)

Ohio department of education


· Students will be able to identify the seven continents and four oceans

· Students will understand that continents are made out of countries


I will start by introducing the topic to the student by reading to them the book "Gifts" by Jo Ellen Bogart. I will then ask them if they know what the seven continents and the four oceans are. and if they heard any mention of the seven continents are, or if anyone has been to one of the seven continents.

I will then proceed with the in class activity, I will explain to the students that they will be learning about the seven continents and four oceans and where they are located. By showing a map of the seven continents and the four oceans I will ask the students to place a sticker on the continent that they have visited or where their family comes from.

As As the next step in my lesson I will explain the four oceans, and why are they conciser the biggest oceans that we can find on the map.

Finally the students will go to the computer lab in which, Students will be asked to write down in their notebook the name of the largest city in the US and the name of the US capital.

· Students will be asked to do the same for one country in each of the continents: 1) Argentina (South America), 2) England (Europe), 3) China (Asia), 4) Kenya (Africa), 5) Australia (Oceania) 6) Antarctica.

· Students will be asked to write down in their notebooks the area of each of the four oceans.

Evaluation Plan

Ø Students will be evaluated based on their participation during the pre-class reading and in-class activity.

Ø Student notebooks will be collected at the end of the class. A grade will be given based on completion of the assignment given during the interactive session.

Ø Students will also receive a score upon completion of the Continents and Oceans interactive game.


I selected this software because it is developmentally appropriate for 1st grade students. I also selected the software as part of my lesson because it is easy to use and to navigate through its contents. Because the software allows students to start with the world then to click into a continent and then click into a country, it allows for detailed comprehension of how countries make up continents which is one of our main objectives.