Mrs. Dickau's Classroom News

For the week of January 21-25

Upcoming Dates

February 12 – 2 hour late start

March 7 - Science Fair - Students have information on how to participate


There is an amazing Tangram Wall outside of our classroom. We have made tangram puzzles, tangram animals, tangram letters, and tangram questions. Your child might want to quiz you on some tangram questions.

Which shapes have parallel lines?
If you turned shape #2 90 degrees in a clockwise direction, what would it look like?
Which shapes have acute angles?
What are the total number of vertices on all 7 shapes?


The tests that are taken throughout the state won't begin for a few weeks. Even though we have been working hard on our Essential Learning Outcomes all year, we will begin focusing on test taking skills, using Pin Point reading strategies, internalizing math vocabulary, and identifying Greek and Latin roots.


We added a few more goals to our personal goal list during Morning Meeting.
Ask you child what their goal is and how they are planning to achieve that goal.
I've reminded them that they are the president of their own club and that their family and their teacher will help them work toward their goal.
It's OK to help your child identify a personal goal. Discussing with your child what you expect and helping them develop a plan on how they can achieve success with their goal will be encouraging. A deeper conversation how you as a parent and I as their teacher will support them will also be encourage success.


improved spelling percentage
A P.E. goal
Improved weekly reading test scores
A music goal
Learning all the multiplication facts- cold
Always above 80% on math tests
15 minutes on IXL at least 3 times a week
Bookopoly goal
Kahn Academy goal
Special Project goal
Improved Handwriting
3 FFT in a row
Small Group goal
Brainbuster Goal
Getting a "3" on question #8 on our weekly reading assessment.

If you have questions about what kind of goal your child might set, feel free to contact me.

What's Happening in Math Right Now?

We are deep into division.

Like multiplication, the way your child is learning to divide might be different than the way you were taught. Ask your child to show you how they divide a problem like 251/4.

We will also be learning how to measure angles in this chapter.

If your child says they don't have homework, they're wrong.

On your child's pride sheet are the skills to practice on IXL.COM. I spent quite a bit of time last week learning all that ways that IXL can help me help your child. The teacher access pages helps me know which skills are going well, which ones need practice and how much time a child is actually spending on IXL.

I realize everyone doesn't always have access to a computer at home and that most families like mine share a computer. If there isn't a computer at home, make up division problems or practice math facts. I also have some practice that I can send home.

KHAN ACADEMY is also a great and potentially more challenging site. Their user name is their google account name. Their password is: Kennedy, no space, then their google number.

Unit 3 Testing- this week


Spelling Core Words Unit 17:

understand, moon, animals, mind, outside

Unit 3 Assessment Week

Testing Strategy: Right There

Comprehension: Compare and Contrast, Sequence, Summarize, Author’s Purpose

Vocabulary Strategy: Thesaurus, Synonyms, Prefixes, Verb Endings, Homophones, Multiple Word endings

Study Skills: Salutation and Body Links, Foreshadowing, Imagery, Figurative Language

Grammar Skill: Verbs

Writing Lesson: Writing a Story. They'll be worth reading!