Diaper Dilemma

Is Cloth or Disposable Diapers Better?

Which one is more preffered? why?

Cloth diapers are more preferred because they save more money. They are healthier. They are better for your environment. Also they make your baby even more cutter with all of the fashionable designs. At the same time Disposable diapers are preferred because parents don't want to put their baby in the same diaper more then once, even though you wash them to make sure they're clean.

The Amount of Diapers You Go Through.

If your baby is up to 6 months you will use 10-12 diapers daily, if your baby is 6-12 months you will use 8-10 diapers, if your baby is 12-24 months you will use 6-8 diapers, and if your baby is in the potty training stage then you will only need about 2-4 diapers daily. Cloth diapers will last for as long as you want.