Film Review


Hedgehog in the Fog

Cartoon. Duration - 11 min.


Director Yuri Norstein; Writer Sergei Kozlov; Voice Acting Mariya Vinogradova (Hedgehog)

The plot:
A small hedgehog is walking across the fields and then through the woods. The thick fog is covering everything around. There are lots of sounds which are frightening him. He is scared by the darkness too. He wants to see his friend, the bear. The hedgehog is taking some raspberry jam to his friend. They usually sit under the heavens counting the stars.

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The main character

The Hedgehog is a little but very devoted friend. He is very touching and nice.
Ёжик в тумане

That’s what we particularly like about the film!

The film is a real treasure of the Russian cinematography. We like the cartoon very much. It tells us about the world which seems to be frightening but in every situation there is something or somebody who can help. This film calms down. At the same time it is very interesting and exciting because you cannot predict what will happen with the hedgehog next.

I can recommend this film to children and grown-ups. I am impressed by the technique of the creators of the cartoon.

I liked the film because I am tired of the modern cartoons which are senseless and even violent.