Dercum Disease

Kaysha Mallit

what is Dercum Diseases

Dercum Diseases,also know as Adiposis Dolorosa. Is a rare condition that causes by multiple, painful fatty lipomas or (fatty tumor) .It mostly happens to obese women in their middle age. Only 16 percent of obese males get this disorder. Dercum mostly located in the trunk region. Dercum is a chronic disorder which it means it's a long lasting disorder.

what causes Dercum Diseases

The causes of Dercum Disease is still sadly unknown. The pain is still not discovered.Witch means that they don´t know what causes the pain.The disease is know as a description of its symptoms rather than as a physiologic or metabolic process. The fatty lipomas cause nerve compression.Witch in result cause weakness and pain compression and result in weakness and pain

What are the symptoms of Dercum disease?

Some symptoms Dercum disease is. 1. Multiple painful fatty masses. 2. generalized obesity, usually in menopausal ag.3.weakness and fatigability 4.mental disturbances, including emotional instability, depression, epilepsy, confusion and dementia.

Two fun facts about Dercum Disease

1.Pain may be caused by theses growths pressing on nearby nerves

2. Dercum disease is 20 times more common in females than males.