BAMS Staff Newsletter

November 17, 2013 - Volume 1, Issue 9

BAMS Staff,

The main tests are complete for WKCE this year. Thank you to everyone for your help and support. All we have left are make ups and the final 8th grade tests on Tuesday and Wednesday. Please be aware that there will be tests being administered in our building this week.

Our short-term plan for WKCE testing is nearly complete, but I don't want us to exhale. Our long-range plan is to have mid-year and end-of-the-year conferences with students to discuss their academic progress. MAP and WKCE can be our starting points, but learning and success are the focus.

Thanks for all that you do!


Bessie Allen Middle School - SLO

By the end of the 2013-2014 school year, 100% of an identified population of struggling readers in 6th-8th grade will increase their Reading RIT score on the May MAP assessment.

I feel our building SLO, compliments our individual SLOs nicely. It's a real positive for our students that we have all of our goals moving in the same direction (literacy).

Out of the Office

The following times I will not be in the building or will be out of the office:
  • November 19th - 9:00am - 11:30am - Admin Meeting (DMR)
  • November 26th - 9:00am - 11:30am - Admin Meeting (DMR)

News and Notes

  • Aesop (Automated Substitute Teacher System) - You have seen that we are up and running with AESOP. For the time being, we will be using both the online component and our old model of contacting Joan or myself. Joan and I need to have some discussions about this process before we are completely independent with AESOP. There will be some questions with this new process and we will figure things out as we begin to utilize this tool.
  • Staff Hand Prints - The new staff hand print wall is ready to go. We'll reprint our hands in the near future.
  • RtI Framework Changing - At early release next week every building is taking some time to communicate our new RtI process. At the last few admin meetings we have been working to tweak our current model.
  • Thank you to everyone for making our Veteran's Day Program a success. Special thank you to Theresa Galligan, Anthony Rasmussen, and Mike Riese for their parts in this year's program. I would appreciate any feedback about this year's program or ideas for next year's event.
  • Congratulations to Mikki Detert! She was the proud winner of the Ugliest Sweater. Great effort, Mikki!
  • Thank you for your participation at the staff meeting last week. I hope we left the meeting with a great review of the different levels of instructional and behavioral support we can provide for our students. As we have more discussion about helping students, our conversations must begin with Tier I instruction.
  • There will be no Staff Newsletter on November 24th, but look for another great addition to come out on December 1st.

Oriole Way

  • Please continue to look for opportunities to acknowledge positive student behaviors.
  • Adam Micke and the student council have a few student events on the horizon. The student council is very supportive of the Oriole Way and can be a great partner in creating a positive environment. Thanks for taking this on this year, Adam!
  • Next Meeting - November 20th at 7am

OASYS and Teacher Effectiveness

  • First formal observation for Year 3 Staff - Due before January 15th
  • Mid-Year Review of SLO - Due Mid-Year (no specific date)
  • 2 visits to another classroom - Due by the End of the Year - Instead of 3 visits, the number has changed to 2 visits. We are working to create a common document for everyone to fill out and then upload to OASYS.

**Your SLO may not have been finalized yet, and that's okay. Samantha, Melanie, Deb, and I want to ensure we are being consistent with our approval process before making finalization. Remember, this is new for all of us, administrators and educators, alike. I know we are going to do them, and do our best, and ask questions as we work through these this year.

Dates to Remember

  • Week of November 18th-22nd - Scholastic Book Fair
  • November 19th - WKCE Testing 8th Grade
  • November 20th - WKCE Testing 8th Grade
  • December 6th - School Dance 6-8pm

Staff Meeting Agenda

**NO STAFF MEETING November 26th - Please take this time to get an early start on Thanksgiving Break.

December 10th 2:50-3:15pm

  • Oriole Way Update and Data Review
  • ???
  • ???