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Art Magazine

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Brings classic and contemporary art to life and increases visual arts knowledge. Great projects and tips to make your art better

Action Magazine (English)

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Captivating stories and powerful support specifically designed to boost the confidence and skills in language arts.

Scope Magazine (English)

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Multi-genre stories, skill-building activities, videos, audio and more to engage middle schoolers in any learning setting.

Storyworks Magazine (English)

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The exciting multi-genre magazine for growing readers filled with thrilling and inspiring articles, stories, plays, poems, and debates.

Choices Magazine (Health & Social Emotional Learning)

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Choices is a current health & SEL resource that fosters must-have skills such as resiliency, stress management and empathy.

Junior Scholastic (Social Studies)

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News, history, and civics for Social Studies.

Scholastic News 3 (Current Events)

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Kid-friendly articles about current events.

Upfront Magazine: New York Times for teens

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New York Times articles edited for high school students with in-depth national and world news articles designed and edited to get teenagers reading, talking, and thinking about the world around them.

Science Spin 3

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Introduce your students to the wonders of Earth Science, Engineering, Life Science, and Physical Science.

Science World Magazine

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Articles cover the Complete Science Curriculum including Biology, Earth and Space Science, Chemistry, Technology, Environmental Science, & STEM.

Que Tal? Magazine (Spanish & ESL)

Your language teacher will provide the password for you.

An immersive and accessible introduction to Spanish offers on-level articles that teens want to read. (Intermediate and Advanced versions available as well.)